Tricks for winning in Empires and Puzzles

Empires and Puzzles Guide

Empires and Puzzles are free to download the game. It is a role-playing game where you can also enjoy the combing match-3 battles. There is player vs. player duels also available and you will be having great fun in the game. You can also take part in several fights in the game and send the troops. You can also make many perfect amazing combinations in the game and have perfect combinations of many things.

Create more buildings

The next great thing about the Empires and Puzzles is that you can also build several forts. Many interesting characters are presented in the games which even make it more interesting to play. You can also make a perfect collection of several kinds of heroes. There are many kinds of troops that you can collect and send them to fight in several battles. There are many interesting rewards and other things available which are necessary.

Stay active

  • One more interesting quality about the Empires and Puzzles is that you can also take part in various gaming activities with other players of the world. There are many kinds of updates available which can improve your performance in several folds.
  • You can also fasten the process of gaining success with the help of gems from Empires and Puzzles hack. Yes, gems are the most important form of the gaming currency that you will need to earn. You should pay proper attention to this fact and make sure that you have enough of them in your gaming account.

Amazing tricks

There are some particular tips and tricks which can also improve your gaming experience in several folds. Here we are going to mention about them in details.

Learn more about the elements

  • Elements are the most important segment of the Empire and puzzles. You should pay proper attention to them and make sure that you are able to gain quick success with them. There is an element chart that you should check and it can be found on the upper edge of the screen.
  • There are some particular facts that you should always keep in your mind like fire is strong against Nature. The next thing is that nature is strong against ice. The next thing is that ice is always strong against fire. Now you can use these elements wisely in your regular gameplay and lead.

Earning more skills

You should also learn more about the special skills which are available in the Empire and puzzles game. Learn about them as much as possible. You should also make sure that troops of own elements are hitting the enemies. It is necessary to gain some rewarding points in the game. There are many other rewards given to the heroes of the troops. It is mandatory to gain special skills to lead in the game.

No doubt that Empire and puzzles are offering more than any other game of the same class. The graphics and other features are so nice that you can almost spend the entire day playing this game. You must try this game at least once in your spare time to get core entertainment.

All about the game The Simpsons – Tapped Out

The Simpsons Tapped Out Review

This is the game which tasks players with making one ultimate version of televisions highly recognizable, small town called Springfield. Everybody wants to make their city good looking and turn it into donuts heavy, cash grabbing place for operations. This city building can be a best simulation and it can be really addictive. This is the reason it can command all the attention of gamers who are economic friendly.

Let’s look into some of the tips which help in winning this game.

In this game player’s finger is considered as the mayor of town, that is the reason player should always make sure that it is cleaned.

  • Time on Homer

As a fast and quick starting tip, one just makes sure that they tap on the Homer and this will help in getting the tasks list. By doing this, task list will come on the screen. After this player should tap on the Homer 10 times for unlocking the 10 free donuts and Jebediah Statue.

  • Choosing the right tasks for right characters

When it comes to managing a city along with its denizens, it is very important to manage right jobs and right duties. Appropriate tasks must be assigned to appropriate people. When it comes to choosing the tasks for right characters for performing, it is very important to be mindful since they must take this for long time and take the right reward.

Usually longer tasks take higher dollars and usually there will be some donuts amount which will be attached to this. It is a better idea to use The Simpsons Tapped Out hack before even player is about to put his game down for characters to achieve.

In case if the player is very active in playing the game along with building required things, it is better to assign the characters for performing shorter tasks. The winning amount here may not be as high as the player expects but this will lead to better interaction with character.

Along with this, these are the little tasks which will add up to good and decent amounts of donuts and cash quickly.

  • Tap on XP for collecting more quickly

Player’s screen may get flooded with more money along with the experience symbols as the town gets more and more fruitful. Rather than tapping each and every symbol out there for collecting the cash and the XP, it is better to tap on single XP/$ symbol and close the task book. After this one must wait there for 5 to 10 seconds. This will help in collecting all the extra XP or cash which is onscreen.

  • Conform-O-Meter

This is placed at the bottom of the screen and this hold very important information about the rankings for the many stats like Tree- hugging and Indolence. One must always pay some attention to this. This ranks the players based on the 8 categories like Tree hugging, Indolence, Obedience, Vanity, Righteousness, Gluttony, and Socialism.

So, players should refer this for his current ranking and he must think about raising it. As the player improves his rating he can earn at least a percent bonus for XP or Money which he receives.

Tips and tricks available for Choices: Stories You Play

Choices Review

Choices Stories You Play Overview

Most of the game lovers look for mobile games, where they can make most of the choices. Some of them even need such choices which can change entire store in the game. If these are things interested for you, Choices Stories You Play is the right game choice. Choice Stories You Play is really reflects its name. There are a lot of stories to choose from and in them player must go with his own choices to complete the story.

This game contains different stories from the entire genre. There are stories and novels which belong to categories like romance, crime, and fantasy. When player chooses one among these, he should be part of this and he will be a character one among these stories. Player always should read the novel and he should continue to make choices. Each and every choice he makes will affect the story a lot. Ending of the story will be in player’s hand. This is the reason he should make right choices.

Choices Stories You Play is available on Google Play store as well as on iOS App Store. This is one among the very popular games available today among the novelty games. This game has already received 4.5 stars out of 5. The main reason behind its popularity is developers always release updates on time. In the recent updates, they have added many novels to the game. So, players got so many choices. This game is freely available but there are so many items which are available that players can buy.

Tips and Tricks

There are mainly 2 items which are very important in this game and these are the things which players should be focused on. They are Diamonds and Keys.

  • Keys: needed to read the novel chapters.
  • Diamonds: must be used for unlocking the premium stories.
Choices Stories You Play Cheats and Tricks Video

Diamonds can also be used for creating Choices. So, players should understand that without Diamonds and keys, it is not possible to move in the game. This is the reason; most of the players search for cheats and tricks through which they can earn these diamonds and keys.

But one must remember that they should not believe in such websites which offer hacks and tricks. These are nothing but false ads and meant for money making. Each and every time player visits such websites, the creator of the ads will earn some money and that comes from advertising revenue. This is the reason player should never try downloading something from these websites, but only use online Choices Stories You Play hack.

Once the player installs this game and starts playing, he should choose one of the stories which are available. Now the story starts automatically and player should start reading the same and meantime he should start making choices. If in case player closes the game, there is no need to worry that story will get reset, it will not.

When he restarts the game, the story will resume where the player left. But player should also understand that there are ways to leave a story. In case if he wants to leave the story, he should use the start button. This will return back to the place he started. There is no need to worry about the progress he made, if he comes back to the same game, he can start off again where he left the story.