The Simpsons Tapped Out Review

All about the game The Simpsons – Tapped Out

This is the game which tasks players with making one ultimate version of televisions highly recognizable, small town called Springfield. Everybody wants to make their city good looking and turn it into donuts heavy, cash grabbing place for operations. This city building can be a best simulation and it can be really addictive. This is the reason it can command all the attention of gamers who are economic friendly.

Let’s look into some of the tips which help in winning this game.

In this game player’s finger is considered as the mayor of town, that is the reason player should always make sure that it is cleaned.

  • Time on Homer

As a fast and quick starting tip, one just makes sure that they tap on the Homer and this will help in getting the tasks list. By doing this, task list will come on the screen. After this player should tap on the Homer 10 times for unlocking the 10 free donuts and Jebediah Statue.

  • Choosing the right tasks for right characters

When it comes to managing a city along with its denizens, it is very important to manage right jobs and right duties. Appropriate tasks must be assigned to appropriate people. When it comes to choosing the tasks for right characters for performing, it is very important to be mindful since they must take this for long time and take the right reward.

Usually longer tasks take higher dollars and usually there will be some donuts amount which will be attached to this. It is a better idea to use The Simpsons Tapped Out hack before even player is about to put his game down for characters to achieve.

In case if the player is very active in playing the game along with building required things, it is better to assign the characters for performing shorter tasks. The winning amount here may not be as high as the player expects but this will lead to better interaction with character.

Along with this, these are the little tasks which will add up to good and decent amounts of donuts and cash quickly.

  • Tap on XP for collecting more quickly

Player’s screen may get flooded with more money along with the experience symbols as the town gets more and more fruitful. Rather than tapping each and every symbol out there for collecting the cash and the XP, it is better to tap on single XP/$ symbol and close the task book. After this one must wait there for 5 to 10 seconds. This will help in collecting all the extra XP or cash which is onscreen.

  • Conform-O-Meter

This is placed at the bottom of the screen and this hold very important information about the rankings for the many stats like Tree- hugging and Indolence. One must always pay some attention to this. This ranks the players based on the 8 categories like Tree hugging, Indolence, Obedience, Vanity, Righteousness, Gluttony, and Socialism.

So, players should refer this for his current ranking and he must think about raising it. As the player improves his rating he can earn at least a percent bonus for XP or Money which he receives.

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