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Apex Legends Tips: The Guide for Beginners

With my tips for beginners, I will teach you play the Battle Royale genre game – Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is the new star in the sky of the Battle Royale Games. Out of nowhere, the free-to-play shooter appeared in the Titanfall universe and struck like a rocket: Almost 3 million players cavorted on the battlefield on the first day. I will provide you with helpful tips and tricks for beginners in my guide.

Apex Legends: Battle Royale meets hero shooter

Apex Legends is not just a new Battle Royale game, but spices the familiar formula with a healthy portion of hero shooter à la Overwatch. A total of eight characters, each with three unique abilities are available to you.

Knowing the abilities of the individual classes is very important in order not to be suddenly surprised in the fight or to keep the upper hand in the fight. Here is an overview of the characters and their abilities:

  • Bloodhound (suppor)

Passive Ability: Opponents leave clues on the ground

Active Ability: Eye of the All-Father: Temporarily reveals enemy position, traps, and nearby footprints.

Ultimate Ability: Lord of Hunt: Sharpens your senses for a short time. Opponents are revealed and marked in color. Even cold tracks become visible and you move faster.

  • Gibraltar (defender)

Passive Ability: Weapon Shield: If you aim with the visor, a Weapon Shield is activated that shields shelling, and can also be deactivated.

Active Ability: Dome: Enables a protective dome around a small area that protects against damage for 15 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Bombardment: Demands a concentrated mortar attack on an opponent marked with smoke.

  • Lifeline (healer)

Passive Ability: Combat Medic: Raises teammates faster under a shield wall. Medical properties are used 25% faster.

Active Ability: DDM Healing Drone: The drone automatically heals allies in your area for a short time.

Ultimate Ability: Care Package: Demands a landing capsule with high quality healing and defensive items.

  • Pathfinder (support)

Passive Ability: Scans surveillance stations to indicate the next position of the ring.

Active Ability: Hook: Climbing hook that allows you to move quickly across the map and reach inaccessible areas.

Ultimate Ability: Zip Line: Places a zip line that works for everyone.

  • Wraith (fighter)

Passive Ability: Voices from Nowhere: You hear a voice as danger approaches.

Active Ability: Into the Void: You temporarily become invisible and can change position without being damaged.

Ultimate Ability: Portal: Connects two locations through portals for 60 seconds.

  • Bangalore (fighter)

Passive Ability: If you are shot during a sprint, you run faster for a short time.

Active Ability: Smoke Launcher: Fires a smoke grenade that creates a smoke wall on impact.

Ultimate Ability: Thunder Rage: Demands an artillery strike that bombs multiple targets in the area.

  • Caustic (support)

Passive Ability: You receive threat location from enemies who are moving through your gas.

Active Ability: Noxgas Trap: Places up to six grenades that release deadly Noxgas when fired at or fired by enemies.

Ultimate Ability: Wraps a large area in Noxgas.

  • Mirage (fighter)

Passive Ability: Automatically places a decoy and disguise yourself for five seconds if thrown to the ground.

Active Ability: Freaky: Activates a holographic bait to confuse enemies.

Ultimate Ability: Escape: Mirage lures to distract opponents while cloaking themselves.

Team play is the key

Compared to Battle Royale competition, Apex Legends is fully focused on team-play. You are always on the road as a squad, so it is crucial that you stay together and work together.

Theoretically, you can play as a single player without an opposing squad, but that’s pretty hard. If you meet an opponent you are not likely to be far from his two buddies.

If you are not communicating with a headset, Apex Legends offers you a sophisticated ping system where you can pass various commands to your teammates in a ring menu. So, you can suggest new goals, give enemy positions or tell which direction you are looking.

This even works with items: If you look at a weapon, loot or armor, pressing a button to make your fellow players notice. Use the ping function as often as possible and watch out for the messages from your team.

Pay attention to the HUD and the Display

The developers of Respawn Entertainment has thought a lot about the HUD and the on-screen impressions. It takes a bit of time to internalize all the displays, but it’s very useful.

This is how the lifebars of your teammates tell you how your squad’s health and armor are. What many have not yet noticed: There is also seen when someone from your squad is currently fighting or firing a weapon. This helps in the fight to quickly lend your teammate support.

Also useful: Apex Legends will show the damage you made over your opponents when you hit them. However, the decisive factor is the color. Each character has 100 health in the game and a maximum of 100 Health per armor, depending on the strength of the armor.

  • Purple damage count tells you that the enemy has a powerful level 3 armor, that is, a full 200 HP.
  • Blue damage stands for a level 2 armor, e.g.: 175 HP.
  • White damage stands for a level 1 armor, e.g.: 150 HP.
  • Yellow damage indicate head shots, here too there are collectable helmets as armor, which is considered independent of the body armor.
  • Red damage, however, indicate that the enemy has no armor and it goes to the end.

Must to know: Enemy shields make a sound as soon as they are completely destroyed.

Golden items are the best items

In addition to the purple armor, there are rare, high-quality golden items. Although they are not stronger than the purple ones, they got special abilities. Golden items can be found in the care packages that will be dropped in the course of the round or in Lifelines Ultimate package.

Golden helmet shortens the loading time of your abilities, a golden backpack halves shortens the time to consume a healing or shielding item. Golden weapons mark enemies with a red border as long as you aim for them – even through walls and smoke.

Executions looks cool, but have a long animation. However, Executions completely refill your shield if you have a legendary shield.

Follow the Jumpmaster

The start of each round is similar to other Battle Royale games, but with a few special tweaks. On the plane you can see the flight route before the jump and suggest a possible landing position. Alternatively, you can simply mark a landing point while looking over the map.

The last call, however, is the Jumpmaster, the squad leader. He determines when your squad will jump off. The other two teammates automatically follow the trajectory of the leader. However, you can solve this by pressing a button and choose a different route – which makes sense in the rarest cases. Are you the Jumpmaster but you do not feel like responsibility, you can hand over the post to one of your comrades.

Another special feature: Apex Legends shows the trajectory of the 19 other squads particularly well. Each team has its own smoke color, thanks to which you can see from a long distance where the opponents want to land.

While the Jumpmaster chooses the landing position, the other two should keep an eye on enemy trajectories so you will not be surprised on the ground.

The Supply Ship lures with high-quality loot

Right at the beginning of the round you can see the position of the supply ship on the map. There you will find especially high quality loot and fully equipped weapons. Well worth a visit, but beware: there are usually a lot of opponents.

In addition, there is a changing danger zone in each round, which also lures with a better loot. As always, the better the loot, the more players are in the area.

Take your time to adjust the controls

Apex Legends offers countless ways to customize the controls you like. In addition to the compulsory sensitivity and dead zone, the reaction curve is especially interesting – here you should test the various options extensively to see which option suits you the most.

Although the differences are relatively small, they are very noticeable in the heat of the moment and, above all, have an effect on changing the field of view when you move the sticks or the mouse.

Move faster over the map

There is no casualty in Apex Legends. So you can fall from dizzy heights without being harmed, opening up new possibilities for the movement. It is easily possible to jump from a bridge directly behind an enemy and immediately open the fire.

At the same time, you will find Ziplines everywhere, allowing you to navigate the map faster. Landing causes almost no noise, which is why your opponent can surprise you very well.


Also unique in Apex Legends is the ability to revive fallen teammates. If a teammate is shot down, you have 90 seconds to bring him back to life. It takes a while, so make sure that there are no enemies nearby.

If time runs out, you can collect your teammate and retrieve it at the respawn points distributed on the map. Then he starts again completely without equipment.

Also useful is the knockdown shield that you can pick up. If you are bleeding you can activate the shield at the touch of a button, absorbing enemy fire and leaving you more time to be revived.

Experiment with weapons and collect ammo

Apex Legends offers a variety of assault rifles, SMGs, pistols, shotguns or sniper rifles from the Titanfall universe that you need to understand first. In addition to the knowledge the weapons is the nuts and bolts.

Use the first few laps to learn how to use the weapons. For each round: Collect as much ammo as you can get, as enemies can take a lot of bullets. If you run out of ammunition, this is usually your death sentence.

The Flatline is the strongest assault rifle in the game and convinces with the highest ground damage in its class and the best precision. The best LMG is the devotion and scores with high precision and heavy damage.

For the pistols the Wingman convinces with the best stats, while the Prowler represents the best SMG. Above all, the extremely rare mastiff or peacemakers pays off as a shotgun.

The best sniper rifle is the Kraber .50 CAL if you have every shot. Otherwise, the Triple Take also performs well.

Inventory management and items

Also important is the inventory management. Collect as much as you can, but share things you do not need with your teammates. Not every ammunition or essay can be used with any weapon, inventory spaces are extremely rare, even with a backpack.

Throw ammunition and attachments that you do not need. For example, if you have a rifle and a sniper rifle with you, you do not need shotgun ammunition – but your teammate could desperately look for it.

A small red mark in the inventory shows which items you do not use and can easily drop.

Use your abilities as often as possible

It may be tempting to use the skills for special situations, but that’s the wrong way. If you die without using your skills, it’s just a waste.

Above all, regularly use your active abilities and, for example, as a Bloodhound, scan the environment before entering a home or use Bangalore’s smoke grenade to cross an open area.

Ultimate abilities takes a while to get charged. However, this time can be shortened with collectible batteries, which you can find on the map. Also use your Ultras on cooldown if possible to keep the upper hand in the battles.

Special skills and combinations

Of course, you can start with three Damage Dealers in one round, but it makes more sense than to draw a balanced group in the fight.

For example, Gibraltar’s shield dome combines well with Lifeline’s drone to help you heal safely. Pathfinder’s Climbing Hook, like Roadhog in Overwatch, can draw enemies.

In general, Pathfinder is best suited for all characters to temporarily leave the group, spy out the environment, and rejoin you quickly with a zip line.

Bangalore’s Ulti is suitable for securing an area full of houses: mortise the buildings and then proceed slowly. Very useful in combination with the smoke grenade and Gibraltar bombardment.

Speaking of Gibraltar, his weapon shield is annoying you? Then just aim underneath, the tank is vulnerable to the legs and lower body.

So now you’re ready to go into battle in Apex Legends with my beginner guide. Last but not least a final note: you gain experience if you survive longer. Not by as many kills as possible 😉

Have fun!

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